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Originally Posted by nefarius2 View Post
I'd like to see a better TOS Klingon outfit. The pants on the Rommie TOS outfit would work well if I remember my TOS episodes. Also better boots for KDF females.

Med kit with strap for Rommies? How about making this available for FED side. A tricorder perhaps for the TOS look.
True, we've got full TOS male and female outfits for both the Feds and the Romulans, why not the Klingons too? Right now, all the KDF has is the male shirt. They're missing the female top & the pants and boots for both.

For everyone's reference here are links to the Male KDF and the Female KDF uniforms in TOS.

I like your idea of adding in the old TOS style tricorders as a chest gear like the Romulans have. I'd buy that.

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