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Originally Posted by starswordc View Post
Just finished it. A fun mission overall, but I have to dock half a star for making the classic Star Trek writing blunder of forgetting about the freaking shuttle bay. There's no need for transporter pattern enhancers when every Starfleet vessel ever built carries at least one atmosphere-capable craft.
It's not that you couldn't use the transporters, it's that there were limitations due to interference necessitating the need to use the pattern enhancers. Had you taken a shuttle down you would have had to deal with all the interference to your shuttles sensors and limited visibility while trying to land in the middel of a city, which would have made it a very dangerous ride. It would have also taken a lot longer as you would have had to take the extra time to prep the shuttle, and fly it down there. I also saved you from the scene where you had to run all the way back to where you parked the shuttle.

Don't worry, I didn't forget about the shuttlebay. It figures prominently in part 2. So does that runabout you picked up.


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