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Originally Posted by rylanadionysis View Post
Khit Elite Space.

Be on one side by yourself, guarding probes and working on generators/cubes for the team. Standard role...

Watch time tick down. (also watch a couple of them die over and over because they dont know to stay away from the gateway while they work)

Get to about 1 minute left on the clock, youre still on that side all by yourself, four probes a launch now.

The other four guys finally blow their gate.

>_> Fail optional. How in the hell does one ship do as much as four others in these things. I had my gate to like... 65/70, all on my own before the spheres popped out and they decided to finally join me (note i ended up having to kill the spheres for them too after the gate went down). Had they not popped them out, I have a really strong suspicion id have had my gate down before the last second ticked off the clock, too.

Edit to add: then watch them play gas cloud spam games with donatra while you whittle her down 5 percent a recloak. -.-
My biggest gripe with these types of ESTF's cause its happend alot over the past few days is not only the points you raised but also the fact that you type up saying - stay greater than 5k out cause it stops her cloaking as much and they still insist on sitting right on top of her. Playing hide and seek for half an hour just gets repetitive.

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