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Originally Posted by eurialo View Post
exchange speculation...
They know what is the averrage price of purple items, they look at the exchange and buy items under the avverage price to sell them at the avverage one. Or they buy items to sell them in a future supposing the price will raise. Moreover, sometime some players try to buy a lot of certain items to raise their price (this appenend just a few days ago with the space trait helmsman). And often many players use some external program (ex. to buy with a single double click or avoiding the disable of the search button if pressed to often).
I never quite understood how tis is supposed to work. Are these ppl constantly watching the market?
I have once tried to make a bouyout (it was an item that wasn't availlable at that point of time for a long time), but the result was that eve i have bought everything on the market. Some people still had some of those items at their bank and put them into the exchange for the EXACT same price as before. So in the end i barely got rid of those things. So i made some loss but i'll never do something like that again, lol.

I don't know but for me this is too much, since i have other things to do all day, like eat and go out of the house and so on.

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