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09-09-2013, 02:46 PM
I did a few today just to collect data. here's the data:

T'Ong nebula:

Investigate Base(Hovtay' Hurgh M'rek Qab)
-approach target(capture enemy ship)
Expel enemy forces (ChIS tIn Starad Dung qab wa'maH jav)
-defeat enemy squads(5)
notes: in this mission script the actual mission doesn't start until you beam to the ship.

Investigate Base(Hovtay' chIS Mow'ga Soch)
-approach target(beam down and confront Sterenko invaders)
Expel enemy forces(Qab tIn Sochvatlh SochmaH Hut Hurgh)
-defeat enemy squads(5)

Investigate Base(Hovtay' Hurgh Gorkon chorghmaH chorgh)
-approach base(reclaim a base captured by the Federation months ago)
Expel enemy forces(Qach Hutvatlh cha'maH vagh poS)
-defeat enemy squads(5)

Azlesa Expanse:

Secure System(Hovtay' wov Marqagh wej)
-defeat enemy squadrons(8)(feds)

Investigate planet(Hovtay' wa'vatlh HutmaH vagh blng Dung qIj)
-approach planet(unidentified weapon caches)
Illegal caches(YuQ poS Sochvatlh SochmaH wa' wov)
-Destroy Weapons caches(Terran Empire)
-reprogram cache transponder
notes: for this mission you find and SHOOT the objects you destroy

Investigate planet(Hovtay' wov Klavek Dung Dub wa'maH wej)
-approach planet(undine transmissions)
Thwarting Invaders
-Enemy Squad Defeated(1)
-Enemy Squads Defeated(4)

yeah, I got variations of the same mission script for the first 3 I did... O_o' this was interesting because, despite having the same mission script the story was different. In the first, I was hijacking a Fed freighter. In the second, I was repelling invaders in a KDF base. In the third, I was reclaiming a colony the Feds had previously captured.

The 5th and 6th ones used the same base map but with a different script. One had no combat, the other was nothing but combat.

One thing that would be nice is if the missions had more than one or 2 maps. Take the first one I did. Fighting the ship THEN boarding and capturing it would be nice.

I can haz joystick!
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