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Originally Posted by ddesjardins View Post
The storyline is part of your characters overall development and contains trigger events that enable you to proceed. Fed and Romulan stories have them as well.

While it's possible to level a toon quickly outside of these events, in all cases your toon will not move forward without completing key events.
Fed and Rom-Fed do not have a story mission that MUST be completed in order to promote further in rank and gain the free ships that accompany them. On the fed side when you simply hit those levels (10,20,30,40) there is a mission that pops up "Promotion".

On the KDF side you only get this "Promotion" mission for (20,30,40) IF you have done "Test of Mettle" already and that is where the issue comes in. NO WHERE does it say that mission MUST be done. I have around 40 toons that are VA prior to LoR release and I was never forced to do any mission to receive a promotion or my free ship. Its fine if cryptic wants to make you do that but they need to CLEARLY STATE that this mission needs to be done.