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I don't know about the rest of you guys but I am tired of having limited choices on doffs when building ships and I think the buff to epte in LoR is the main culprit. It forces you to run epte now when playing an escort or you won't be able to keep up with anyone, so since you have to use epts in pvp this forces you to run damage control doffs, or an a2b build with technicians. Before LoR I had the choice to do that, or be able to run 2x epts and use other doffs, now that isn't an option anymore.

This also makes me hate ships with more then 1 engineering boff now, I don't even like my JHAS anymore because of it. If I have to waste 2 doff slots in damage control doffs, I want to be able to get more out of it then epts1 and epte1 so I like to run epte1 and epts2, or epte1 and epts3, but If I do that on a ship with more then 1 eng boff, I end up with a wasted boff slot that ends up with a rarely used ET1.

This also makes STFs much more tedious since spheres fly around everywhere, but not harder since you die less since the spheres can't focus fire on you now, STFs were more fun before then now.

I hope to see it reverted back to pre LoR levels, or at least take away half of the extra speed buff LoR gave it.
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