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befor LoR, the speed boost lasted 5 seconds. after, it lasted the chain-able 30. problem is the speed buff is to strong, doubling movement speed, sometimes tripling it on the ships that use it. i was quite adamant about this when LoR was on tribble, calling it legacy of EPtE. i said EPtE would have a greater effect on the metagame then the romulan faction, and it turned out that they are about even. i didnt know at the time how OP and game changing stacking all superior rom faction boffs would be.

and would you look at that, what i knew would happen, happened. no tall ship combat feel left in the game, its a space fighter game now, and with the crummy frame rate i have anymore, thats a very bad thing for me. without EPtE, your escort is completely uncompetitive, only a beam boat can consider not running it, and even then it can be hard to broad side now.

its super duper simple what needs to happen, the + to speed haveing EPtE on grants needs to be cut in half, lowering its effect on the meta, maybe even downgrading it from as mandatory as EPtS to proboly a really good idea. or possibly made to scale with what your eng power is set to, the same way skills scale in effectiveness with aux. i can set engine power to 15, and the speed buff from EPtE is always more then enough, i should have to set engines to 50 at least to be moving that fast.
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