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Originally Posted by aldo1raine View Post
Nerf everything! Especially bops!
I hope this will be a nerf that most of the community can appreciate.

Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
befor LoR, the speed boost lasted 5 seconds. after, it lasted the chain-able 30. problem is the speed buff is to strong, doubling movement speed, sometimes tripling it on the ships that use it. i was quite adamant about this when LoR was on tribble, calling it legacy of EPtE. i said EPtE would have a greater effect on the metagame then the romulan faction, and it turned out that they are about even. i didnt know at the time how OP and game changing stacking all superior rom faction boffs would be.

and would you look at that, what i knew would happen, happened. no tall ship combat feel left in the game, its a space fighter game now, and with the crummy frame rate i have anymore, thats a very bad thing for me. without EPtE, your escort is completely uncompetitive, only a beam boat can consider not running it, and even then it can be hard to broad side now.

its super duper simple what needs to happen, the + to speed haveing EPtE on grants needs to be cut in half, lowering its effect on the meta, maybe even downgrading it from as mandatory as EPtS to proboly a really good idea. or possibly made to scale with what your eng power is set to, the same way skills scale in effectiveness with aux. i can set engine power to 15, and the speed buff from EPtE is always more then enough, i should have to set engines to 50 at least to be moving that fast.
Yeah the super speed plus all the new spam everytime a new console or pet comes out makes it to much sometimes turns the game into a turn based slideshow almost. While I prefer a big nerf to epte outright, that scaling to engine power sounds like a reasonable alternative.
Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
If they reduce the strength of the EPTE buff... then they can reduce the EPTS strength as well... I'm fine with that.

50% off the EPTE buff... and 50% off the EPTS buff...

Sounds good.
That would make playing non cloak ships really hard though. Something needs to be done about shield resist stacking but maybe some of the other resists could be toned down instead, but thats a debate for another thread as its a big discussion on its own.
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