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Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
That would make playing non cloak ships really hard though. Something needs to be done about shield resist stacking but maybe some of the other resists could be toned down instead, but thats a debate for another thread as its a big discussion on its own.
Its not a debate for another thread though.

The EPTE change along with the EPTA and EPTW changes where made to give people real options beyond EPTS... which even now is still the best EPTx hands down... and the only real option if you can only slot one.

EPTS IS an and always has been an issue. I would be cool with it getting a 50% knock down.... why is everyone so allergic to having to use there brains to survive instead of just pushing EPTS EPTS EPTS RSP EPTS all the time.

Yes reducing EPTS would make survival harder... so what... last I checked even crap players can drag games out past the 30 min mark.
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