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Originally Posted by p2wsucks View Post
TSS isn't chainable like EPtS is. ES isn't usable on oneself and it's effectiveness is dependent on sender's shield power. I would much rather see EPtS get addressed before either of those two.

Elite shields resist stacking shouldn't have made it into the game. A flat bonus to 3 types or a lesser bonus to 5 types woulda been fine. Frankly the MACO resists are too high imo.

But, the full power to shield preset is available to anyone anytime. I use it when capping in C&H all the time (on ships w/o EPtS, but granted they can cloak).

Repairing in allies PuGs isn't that hard (press relevant function key and repair). This issue is more that cross repairing isn't needed as much as it used to be, so people don't equip them as much when pugging. I used to fly w/5 repairs I could use on myself or others when pugging (and I still had a 7 stations for damage or CC). Now it's 2-3 w/the rest self repair only, damage, or CC.
well the reason I mentioned tss and es is since they are used to heal others so lets you stack resists unreasonably high. anyway lets not get carried to far away with shield resist discussion, regardless of whether epts or other resists are toned down or not I still think epte needs to be.
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