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But, it goes back to how/why they (and other EPtX) were buffed in the 1st place. They originally were changed to have reduced uptimes, so they couldn't be chained any longer. The shared timers were changed as well. The reverted the timer changes and left the buffs. That is the core of the problem.

Not that EPtE couldn't stand a speed reduction, but would it really be that bad if the uptime were reduced on all emergency powers like it was intended?
In the current state of the game with romulan crit rate as high as it is yes, epts should be left alone for now. EPTE needs to be looked at and its benefits reduced regardless of whether epts or other emergency powers are changed or not, and regardless of the fact that they were all buffed together.

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I'm not convinced widening the skill gap is a bad thing. Why would you want to play a shallow, dumbed down game where there is no room for improvement? Nothing kills interest in a game faster than realizing you can never get any better at it and therefore can never win.
Having 2 or 3 doff slots and 1 boff power that can't be used for anything else but epte and damage control doffs dumbs the game down as there is less choices you have to make, therefore less variety, more cookie cutter builds. Nerfing epte will free up those doff and boff slots so you can choose to experiment with other doffs and boffs and still suceed.
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