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The need/greed loot system works like this:
If you choose "need", your "roll", which is how the game decides what goes to who, will go to a sperate section, with a 50/50 chance of being selected over the "greed" channel. This means, if one person chose "need" and four other teammates chose "greed" , then the first person would have a 50% chance of getting the item and the other four would each have a 50/4=12.5% chance of getting the item. Now, if everyone chose "need" and one person chose "greed", the chances would be reversed.
Only choose "need" if you plan to immediately equip the item, not throw it in the bank "until my other 5 toons reach level 50"...
Choose "greed" if you plan to sell it on the exchange, give it to another character, or trade it away.
"Pass" is self explainatory...
There is no person to watch over you and decide what you choose, but you would do everyone a service by keeping your greedy little Ferengi paws at bay and choose what you actually need/want instead of spamming the "need" button every time loot popup opes up.
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