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Originally Posted by valiant797 View Post
In the beginning, commodities were only needed for Aid the Planet missions. Then came the DOff system. Now with the addition of the fleet system, you might want to know where best to spend your hard earned money. Fear not, fellow captains, I have done the shopping for you!
Thanks so much - this list has helped me a ton in the past. Thought I would add a couple things you might want to include in your post.

1. Ferengi Lobes discount gives 20% discount on ground vendors (not space freighters). So buying Med Supplies from Semek on Vulcan costs 60 EC rather than 75, etc. I believe running the D'Kora with the full space set from the lobi store adds the 20% discount to the space vendors as well.

2. Tier 2 Romulan Embassies have special discounted specialty commodities at a console in the shipyard (next to the shuttle to the starbase). No Ferengi discounts apply
  • Industrial Replicators - 600 EC
  • Warp Coils - 600 EC
  • Self-Sealing Stem Bolts - 600 EC
  • Entertainment Provisions - 600 EC
  • Seismic Stabilizers - 750 EC
  • Terraforming Systems - 900 EC

Specialty Food and Drink can be added to your Replicator (cost 20 EC) by adding different species and rarities of Chef and Bartender Duty Officers. See:

Fed Replicator Permissions

KDF Replicator Permissions
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