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Originally Posted by yiweitech View Post
There is no person to watch over you and decide what you choose, but you would do everyone a service by keeping your greedy little Ferengi paws at bay and choose what you actually need/want instead of spamming the "need" button every time loot popup opes up.
I actually develop a tendency to spam "Greed" in most MMOs I play. I've occasionally greeded things I actually needed. -_-

Not sure if you've given this tip already, but I know this was something I was delighted to learn: You can replay almost any of the missions you've completed previously, and the rewards for that mission will rank up with you. For example, if the mission originally awarded a Mk VII Rare, when you reach your maximum rank for your respective faction, you can replay the mission and now get the Mk XI version. This can be invaluable for starting to gear up for end level content, especially if you don't have the credits to splurge for stuff on the Exchange.