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09-09-2013, 11:40 PM
just wanted to post response to players looking for inspiration or something to keep them playing.

You have probably done the engineer and science and tactical on all three groups....o rmaybe didn't on the romulan but did the Klingon and federation side at you think now what?

Well here is what you do....

You find a race...and you make your captain a xenophobe for that race Ferengi or Gorn or good examples.......and you make your ship only that race.
Toughest part is changing the duty officers...that takes the longest to do...and probably isn't worth it.

ALso try to find a fleet of that race only.....I did the ferengi thing(I have the ships and shuttle and the whip even)....and did romulan.....not long ago I joined a fersan fleet only...yes Klingon play is tougher in some ways as they just don't have the same ship choices....nor all the weapons and consoles.

Anywise to keep myself interested I choose a theme and try to stay with that only...on my romulan Klingon for example I am trying to be time travelers from the my uniforms and ships and everything trys to stay that way.