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09-10-2013, 12:05 AM
A couple days ago I PUGed an ISE. I know, PUGing was my first mistake. This group had to have been total noobs as I had to have had the highest DPS in the whole group and I was on my main eng toon flying a Vesta. We got the intro cube and spheres fine, then after popping the cube over the left transformer and taking out the gen I targeted, I went to keep the nanite spheres at bay while everyone else took out the transformer. Worked fine, especially as my GW was supplemented by someone dumping warp plasma around the nanite spheres. Then on to the right side. I think it's going to go well, despite an assault cruiser that seems unable to leave the respawn waiting room. We pop the cube, and go to work on the gens. Once again, after popping my gen I head to work on delaying the nanite spheres. That's where things went to *bleep* in a hurry. The person who used EWP on the first side tried it again while going with EM running and left big holes in his loop of warp plasma. This allowed the nanite spheres to escape once my GW went bye-bye. And the transformer wasn't even down to 75% yet. Well, optional blown, oh well. Get the nanites cleared up and I take on the transformer by myself while everyone else is busy going after normal spheres. I'm too busy hitting one power after another to try to take down the transformer in time to be able to type asking for help. More nanites get to the transformer and heal it after I single-handedly get it down to 50%. After that we just can't keep the nanites off the map or at bay long enough to take down that transformer. Seeing as it's a lost cause, I abandon the group and take the leaver penalty, which for some reason didn't stop me from jumping right back into another instance for the same STF.