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09-10-2013, 12:40 AM
IMHO nerfing EPtS will be everything but nothing good. Not all players have access to fleet shields... And may be simply I do not know how, but using many escorts you can chain EPtX only using 2-3 damage control officers and still is not so difficult do destroy them.

IMHO the problem is when you can chain EPtX using AtB/technician builds, because the advatage is not limited to the EPtX chain but extends to other defensive/healing abilities and also offensive abilities. so we have indistructible cruisers, or things like "we cleared CSE in 80 seconds". The simple EPtX chain alone is nothing compared to what certain ships can do.

so (IMHO) if you want to solve the problem you need to think different, also because this is not only a game for premade team. How many people do not play pvp because resisting more than 2-3 seconds is being hard if you are not a premade?

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