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09-10-2013, 01:07 AM
I had a funny CSE the other day. At the start, I slowly begin to move to the right (for a change), then I see ALL 4 of the other players full-impulse to the right...and yes, I guess I had to deal with the BoPs - fair enough, I did. BUT for some reason, those 4 decided do do RML. And I went left to deal with the spawning raptors, disregarding anything else that didn't shoot at me. I found it rather funny to watch 4 players struggle with 3 raptors....yes, that was their penalty
After nearly 10 minutes, they brought down the middle cube, and then I started playing (I don't consider the routine GW, fighters on attack, APB3+FAW2, then fighters on recall playing). We got the optional. So...this is my new approach - If you think you're captain Kirk, I'll let you suffer, no, I won't let the PuG fail, but you will suffer. I think I'm evil...