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09-10-2013, 02:47 AM
Last year i made lot of exchange trade, made lot of ec from it, dont know how much, never checked, it was enough to see, i spend a lot every day and my money just was more than yesterday... once i wanted to do a test, starting a new account, and check how much hour needing in game to reach 100 million ec, but not tested yet.

The best way to earn money on exchange for me was the trading with space weapons, when started with 10m ec, i just did it with mk xi all quality, than as i got more and more money, finally i just traded with mk xi and xii very rare weapons, mostly xii... that was the real profit.
Half of them just was overpriced, lot of crazy price every day, 10-20.000 ec for 2-3 million worth weapons, others just was sale for cheapest price minus some ec, but they dont counted it was CRTD3, CRTH3, ACC3, DMG3 once i bought a disruptor dual heavy cannons mk xii acc3 for about 2-3 million, and sold some hour later for 100 million... but it was at the last year.

Now the weapons price's are low, and i found a way to earn 100-200 million per day, i did it 2 week long than the devs fixed it, never thought it was an exploit, needed about 250m ec investment to start it and some hour per day, but worth it, earned more than 2 billion in that 2 week... with that money on my bank's i stoped checking exchange, now i just left about 1,5 billion and i love to spend ec, so i will need to restart the trading soon.

Tip: dont spend your dilithium to zen and sell keys for ec, buy lock boxes when they made lock box rerun... 200 dilithium per 20 temporal or cardassian lock box at dili store, or less if your fleet have high tier dilithium mine.

1 key 112,5 zen if calculating with 10pack... average zen - dilithium price usually at 115 now (before the jem'hadar ship drop) so you spend about 12.937 dilithium for 1 key what you can sell for 1,6m ec... instead of that, buy about 64 x 20 lock boxes from temporal and cardassian, what you will can sell some months later for about 200.000 ec / 20 lock boxes or more (for example 700.000 ec / 20 temporal when they released the rom temp ships) so that is 64 x 200.000 = 12.800.000 ec instead of 1.600.000 ec, but of course, ist a longer investments, need some months to price increase on exchange... i have more than 20.000 lock box on my banks, waiting for the acceptable price to start selling.