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09-10-2013, 03:42 AM
I get tired of people running EPtE flying circles around my non-EPtE-using Fleet Norgh. With that 30-second buff length, I can't even chain APO with Evasive Maneuvers to keep up, as it'll fall 10-15 seconds short (Evasive is 10 seconds, APO is 5-10 seconds). I'll get around to putting EPtE on my BoP, but I'll probably have to sacrifice a heal or an attack ability, and I'm having enough trouble managing things on those ends as it is.

Reduce the buff granted by EPtE and reduce the buff length to 15-20 seconds, and it would probably be okay. A useful skill, but not one that completely overshadows the speed buffs given by Evasive and APO.
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