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09-10-2013, 04:12 AM
Some people are overstating a little bit what EPTE does exactly. lol

1) Omega isn't just a speed buff it is also a massive turn buff. EPTE can in fact hinder your turn radius on some ships depending on the inertia rating. Even on something like a Varo you will notice a much wider turn when EPTE is up.

2) Evasives... is still a massive speed boost.

I think what some people are seeing in general... isn't EPTE alone... There is also a newish trait "Helmsman" which gives people evasive much more often.

There is also the new Matter Anti matter Doffs that are allowing people to run aux to damp much more...

And speakinig of Omega there is more then a few people running Attack Pattern doffs to keep Omega 3 up 50% of the time.

I run a bug ship that has EPTE 1 + Omega 3 at 50% uptime + Aux to Damp with Doff at 80% or so up time.

You can blame EPTE 1 for my circling you and making you feel slow if you like... or you can point at the other doffs that allow me to keep 2 other boff abilities up more then previously possible that increase not only my speed but also my turn resists defense and even overall dmg.

So what is more broken... the EPTE speed buff... or Omega 3 50% up... or Aux to Damp 80% + 2 neuts worth of armour ?