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09-10-2013, 06:27 AM
Just to shoot down something someone said in this thread, of which I am far too lazy at 7am to quote and snip...

crosshealing is not the begin all/end all of pvp man

You may not die yourself, but good luck killing your opponent when they are literally running away every time they get even 10 percent into their hull. In that scenario (which is becoming incredibly common) it ends up being a frustrating stalemate that results in very little pew pew and a whole lot of sitting around waiting.

This power is being so ridiculously overused nowadays that its bordering on lunacy. Every time I queue up for PvP now, I make an effort to count the number of opposing players I see playing hit and run now. It is basically every escort on the battlefield. Especially bugs and rom ships.

Typical scenario:

Drive to center of map. Rom ship decloaks and unloads alpha on someone. Person either dies or barely survives. Team snares the rom, lays into it, rom pops every single defensive buff they have, pops epte and starts to run as soon as the tractor wears off (or as soon as they have APO off CD)... immediately cloaks.

If youre lucky you MIGHT get a subnuke off on the EPTE, if he is even still in range by then, even then, he still cloaks out.

Team waits now for 2 minutes until the next alpha attempt.

Battle lasts forever, and is just plain boring at this point. it reminds me severely of LOLspy in SWG.

Everything is OP, plz nerf
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