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09-10-2013, 05:40 AM
I PuGed Hive Onslaught, yes I know, stupid, yesterday with my new Mirror Patrol Escort, the Fafnir. Suffice to say, I wanted to see what the hype of it was, the escorts, so I jumped in one and say the queue for HON was at four and thought to test out the escort. I died once during the first part, only because I wasn't used to flying an escort.

This is where it went down the drain.

We had four people in escorts, me being an engineer though, and a cruiser engineer doing this. I thought, we have a tank and four escorts to dish out max dps right? Wrong. All four escorts were either lanced, plasma bolt torpedoed, or borg plasma torpedo spreaded. Suffice to say, the cruiser quit after we ran into a wall for the third time.

We of course did the whole Narnia charge, then I got lanced, yes I did. And then the other escorts were killed within a few seconds after my by the big and little torpedoes and one got lanced.

We charged two more times, with me lasting a few seconds longer than everyone else the last time but then took a Plasma Bolt torpedo to the face. We then all decided to quit, of course they could get out of there first, but then I left as soon as I could.

I decided, f**& dps all together and just jumped back in my Dreadnought so that I could tank, aggro and crowd control.

"Look at me I'm a target!"
"Fire the Lance on my mark... MARK!
"How many times have we gone into the breach again R'shee?"
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