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Anyone who doesn't accept the reality that the 5s global cd on all tac powers is a direct assault at torpedo/beam users isnt seeing the big picture. No matter how many videos are posted, standard* dhc spammers prevail after this nerf hits.

Its the final nail in the coffin to true skill builds, lining up powers AHEAD of when theyd be needed. You can see how there was no continuity in development of this games PVP, as contradictory changes continue to occur from different unrelated devs who seem to not communicate at all.

let alone play the game. this is a sad day and even if reverted has lost one player forever from this game.

i will not roll fed

i will not spam dhc

i will not play sto with this situation.

As drama between groups was finally gettign resolved and several new matchmaking concepts being implements, the devs did it again. adjudicator hawk you are sad dev, pathetic really for this. rip sto

any dedicated pvper forum message me to give my acct a new home.