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09-10-2013, 09:45 AM
Originally Posted by mandoknight89 View Post
Yep. It's just to block you from double- or triple-tapping with Beam Overloads or High-Yield Torpedoes. You'll still be able to combo CRF and Overload, or Overload with High Yield, just not smash the opponent with three consecutive no-drain Overloads.

The issue is that Torpedoes are an overall inferior, outdated and poorly designed mechanic.

How long have the forums been asking for Torps to be improved?

Does it even make sense that fast ships, not even running EPTE, can outrun their own Torpedoes?

Does it make sense that torps automatically face 75% full resistance against even the barest sliver of shields?

That's certainly not how they function in ST canon.

The devs don't even really have first hand experience with the issue - because they don't PvP in this game, take a look at their PvE design and you'll see why they probably think torps are "fine".

The devs want to nerf extremes but they are cherry picking which extremes to nerf, which extremes to ignore (extremely poor torpedoes) and which extremes to keep adding to the game (passive mitigation).

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