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Originally Posted by lordhavelock View Post
All the various channels I belong to that help people team-up to play group missions (like PublicEliteSTF, for example) run strictly Need/Pass or Need All.

There's no need to guess what the the "Other Guy" is gonna click, or trust that he's going to stick to a standard of Need/Greed/Pass. All players have an equal chance to any drop. You don't have to waste time looking at/considering any given drop. There's no distraction from battle/game play. If something pops up you press Ctrl-Q to Need and get on with the pewpewpew.
This is what I usually do as well, but remember that this thread is for leveling players or recent VAs, maybe the experienced players can pick up a few things, but it's mainly for the players who do not have elite equipment yet, and I only discovered how this system works recently so I thought it was would make an interesting tip.
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