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09-10-2013, 10:53 AM
Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
Well I like the change in theory....

I do agree it doesn't need to affect torpedo skills... however.....

I do understand that the devs like continuity, so likely if it comes in it will effect all skills.

Perhaps this is the point where we really really need to push them on a Torpedo change.

This is my idea to make Torpedos a viable... and widely used weapon type.

Implement a Sliding scale of Bleed through on shields with less then 30% of there cap.

So Anyone that has more then 30% of there facing will still resist 75% of the torpedo dmg as it is now.

At 28%... it would drop to 73
at 26%... it would drop to 70
at 24%... it would drop to 67
at 22%... it would drop to 64
at 20%... it would drop to 60
at 18%... it would drop to 56
at 16%... it would drop to 52
at 14%... it would drop to 48
at 12%... it would drop to 44
at 10%... it would drop to 40
at 8%... it would drop to 35
at 6%... it would drop to 30
at 4%... it would drop to 25
at 2%... it would drop to 20

Something along those lines... meaning that battering a shield facing down and unloading torps will always do something useful... if a cruiser can keep there facing at the 20% mark it won't be a bunch of one shots... but it sure would make torpedos a lot more attractive. It would also mean people would be much less upset about not being able to back to back HY and Spread patterns anymore.

I'm sure number will need to be tweaked, but something like this is what the game needs. If you watch the old promo videos for STO they talk about taking down the shields then finishing off with torpedoes. This, however can never happen when 1% shields can block 75% damage.

I'm sure when these changes will suck for high end PvP, but hawk said, if people become unkillable they would look at healing and resists. This could be a good thing. Once it goes live, then finally we can start to talk about over healing. Really, it gets old stripping someone's shields, getting their hull to 10%, then having them instantly get 100% hull and shields back.