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Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
He was Joking.

Next time you go extracurricular man please turn on some Bob Marley or Jimmy Cliff.

Take a look at some other threads going on, we all see the nerf for what it is.

It depends. If I can get consistent, clean, kills with it and a high ratio of success on decloak alphas - yes, I will.
its sad cus man i wtf pwn with new doff and torps. the doff pen stack was what was running my show, and it was hard to do solo but pandas could make it happen every time id wager. mt didnt know torps also gained the pen, all fire on target does. This change wont affect premades multiple (seperate players) proc initiating for overpen (more damage to hull than given to shield).

i always had a high ration of success with torpedoes. in controlled circumstances. Thats what premades are good at. Torpedoes are and have always been simply more challenging to effectively implement. Doesn't mean it cant be done, few targets DEMANDED it. And certainly no situation within a team game that succesfully managed their approach demanded it. I did what mt did AND used torps, when it worked i put much more damage out in one pass.

Its about easy button and hard button. There was a time no one wanted to use beam overload cus of miss rate, when they committed to the tractor/ timing window they found success. Now you dont even need that. Im getting one shotted in my brel/tvaro at 10k from mts bo1 autofire the second i fire the first torp. This is about acc rom boffs and decloak bonus. The "gimmick" of double tap is and always was part of the game, many skills make more sense with the mechanic and barely any at all without it.

Without an in depth understanding of the many relevant factors, primarily of what it means to have certain buffs on and what it means to not, the devs simply fail to comprehend the complexity relevant and swing a wild nerf hammer, often creating more collateral damage than good.