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09-10-2013, 11:08 AM
double and triple taps were an exploit to a loophole, period. did premade meta call for spike that strong? yes, but thats not the point. how many 5 second lock outs are there now on things? phasers, SS, elatchi weapons, placate lockouts, proc heal lockouts, its all necessary steps because without them a mechanic would run amok.

at first i thought applying a lockout to torp skills to was like kicking an old diabetic dog, but actually it removes an argument against a massive torp 'buff', that you could stack HY and spreads on someone, so if torpedoes were buffed a triple tap HY would be a guarantied kill no mater what.

now, they can remove the 75% base resistance shields have to knetic damage, which is over 80% most of the time actually, and if your energy res is caped, at about 90%. without that built in res, shields would resist knetic damage at the same level it resists energy damage, so in the 40 to 75 range. this game is correct, when it feels like not running torps is a bad idea on everything, imo. id love for there to be a day when a 2 to 4 torps are worth the weapon slots they would take on a beam array cruiser.
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