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09-10-2013, 11:15 AM
ah yes.... oh how i love those torp kills.....

when you pop someone with a torp means you really got your timing down.

here recently on my defiant and bop builds i have had good success with 1 bo, crf, and a high yeild. while still running dem or a well timed "old school" style weapons battery.

its still my favorite way to fly a fighter in STO.

yet will all the insane passive shield regen out there thanks to rep passives and the like....those kills have long lost their way in consistent effectiveness. on top of just plain old res bonuses on someone running fleet elite shields and being hardened by someone on my side of the table firing off the same type of energy weapon while im trying to decloak pop.

which is why i am fully against any kind of change like this. i seem to survive just fine against double tappers in my sci and engineer builds. will get hurt often, but isnt that the name of the game? and with only a handfull of tacs in the game that can pull off this kind of playstyle with close to 75% effectiveness....whats the problem?

i see this kind of change just pushing further towards....OMG ha ha you tried to kill me with that? im a fed cruiser! and ill kirk all over you!

all in all....stacked spike damage is needed in the game right now to combat insanity healing......the time of the DHC CRF grind kills has long passesd us.....with this change it will further reduce a tac officers options of how to get off a kill shot without a friendly sci nuking the target first...

it really....well.... takes both burst and grind damage off the table for would they be left with?

have fun kill bad guys

-thrusters on full-