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I debated putting this comment in, and I am prepared to get flamed for it, but here goes.
The Battlestar Galactica reminds me of when I used to play the game Rebellion. When you played rebellion you got as many fighters as you could. I used to beat the computer on the hardest level as the rebels, not by having huge amounts of capital ships, such as the Mon Calamari Cruiser, but by having huge amounts of Alliance carriers with 60 B-Wing Fighters and 60 A-Wing fighters would crush the Imperial Fleets. To me, and I am expressly stating this as my opinion only, this is where Star Trek Online is going with all of its Carriers.
Now do not get me wrong, a lot of people now a days can relate to Aircraft Carriers. And the Aircraft Carrier is the focal point for the modern navy. So I can see people thinking that carriers are the end all be all. And people did watch Battlestar Galactica which you are trying to Build.However, lets look at some problems with the idea.
First, the Aircraft carrier is relatively new to naval operations. You have hundreds of years of naval warfare where bigger is better. More guns, more armor, etc. The wars were fought on a two dimensional basis. Similar to Spock's comments to Kirk He is intelligent, but not experienced. His pattern indicates two-dimensional thinking. No one thought of ships shooting from under the sea and no one thought of ships shooting from above. Ships cannot fly. That changed with the introduction of the submarine and the aircraft carrier. The sub went underwater and the aircraft was in the air. Without a lesson in World War II aircraft carrier, its logical how the Aircraft carrier become the lead.

In Space, and Star Trek were back to pre-world war I. Why? Because everyone flies, everyone is the same. So you are back to more armor, and bigger guns to penetrate that armor. As the guns are powered through the Warp Drive (aka Star Trek I), you need even bigger engines to power the weapons. Battleships used to have such heavy armor that the guns on the smaller ships were probably not going to penetrate that armor.That has been the entire Star Trek design since TOS. Smaller ships growing ever bigger. The Constitution becoming the Enterprise refit. The introduction of the Excelsior, etc. If you could get all that firepower on a ship the size of the defiant and power it, it's most likely going to be more cost efficient to mass product defiant ships then building one huge galaxy class. So yes the galaxy class should have more teeth. This leads to the Sovereign and finally the huge Odyssey. In my opinion this is a logical progression of ships in the Star Trek universe and based on logical naval historical progression. When I see a Jem'Hadar Dreadnaught (which I have, but alas no OP bug ships, unfortunately), I ask with all the advanced firepower that a new Odyssey has, with all the engines powering the weapons why it cannot one shot the fighters. You cannot tell me these tiny fighters have the engines to power enough shields to protect them and still have enough power to damage and penetrate an Odyssey. If they could, why even build huge odyssey ships? What does it give the Federation that smaller ships do not? In other words, why in over 200 years of Federation shipbuilding were they not buidling carriers the whole time?

The problem is most people do not read or care about history and see Aircraft Carriers, Top Gun, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica and somehow want that in a Star Trek Universe. And of course, cryptic wants to make money, so they will build whatever makes them money.

I am against your idea however:

Carriers have no place in Star Trek. My Opinion, but even if you do not agree, you can see my logic above.

IF carriers were to be in the game, and unfortunately, they are, then the Federation should have whatever anyone else has. It?s pretty simple, whatever another company or country makes, others will copy. That does not mean the Klingon version cannot be superior, obviously the US has superior aircraft carriers now to anyone else, but the concept could be the same. Nothing wrong with a Federation skinned carrier with 2 pet slots. But hull, energy, whatever, could be weaker than the KDF to make the KDF superior.

Upgrade the bad guys. The Borg is supposed to be super adaptive. So, they should have more than 1 weapon firing. They shoot 1 weapon at the highest threat now, let the borg be updated so there shooting at all the fighters at once if the carrier is the main aggregate. They should have specific AI routine against carriers.

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