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09-10-2013, 12:25 PM
I don't run EWP on my Vesta, prefer to have the ltc as sci. Not to mention that i am running a max auxbuild anyways.

TBR is sometimes helpfull but it depends on the overall position and if the targets are moving more or less in one direction out of the grav well.

And as i said before, any of the special consoles like Theta Radiaton and so on don?t count cause not everybody has them. And yes i know they are more available now, but you shouldn't have to rely on them to make certain builds work.
Same with specific weapon loadout.

And as i already said, a boffskill should be able to do the things which are described in their tooltip on their own, at least on the highest available skilllvl. So basically you should get a decent effect out of every boffskills if you have at least a few skillpoints in it and runnung a decent power in the related system.

And that is something that basically doesn?t apply for any of the holds, drains, or shield stripper skills, sci has.

And getting Teamwork in a stf with randoms is something that does not happen really often. You are already lucky if they have mostly decen?t builds and/or know how to handle the stfs.
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