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Originally Posted by majortiraomega View Post
Don't think for a minute double tapping torpedo high yield IIIs weren't a problem. That's how B'Rel bird of preys were able to drop unsuspecting players from 100 to 15% in about 4 seconds though shields. (That along with cluster torp + DPB) Sure it took a lot of skill to do that well, but it did remove a problem from the game. B'Rel and T'Varo players will actually need to stick around for a few seconds longer to deal real damage, making them more vulnerable.
So players who took a build, optimised and made it into a torpedo killing machine through skill and your saying it s a good thing to nerf them. I must emphasize skill as it takes alot of timing and skill to execute it right same with double taps. Your more of an advocator of 1 hour 1vs 1 fights then?

So you love head banging against a zombie build then
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