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09-10-2013, 01:47 PM
My 3 changes would be as follows........

1. Kinetic damage....grrrrrrr.

Simple change so that instead of taking out a percentage of crew, it disables a fixed amount.
The current rule is one of the most blatant examples of bias towards escorts and away from cruisers.
Currently if you're in a cruiser (say crew 1000) and you get hit by a torpedo that takes out 10% of your crew then you lose 100 crew members.
Same torp hits an escort with 50 crew and, miraculously, only 5 crew members have to see the doctor.
This is plainly ridiculous, and the fix is so simple. Torpedoes should take out a fixed number of crew.

2. Fleet Alerts.

All rewards to be given at the end, not as you go along.
The current situation where players leave before the final boss in order to avoid the cooldown is a horrible exploit that directly effects other players.
Given the vehemence with which the tour the universe so-called exploit was fixed then the fact that this one remains makes me wonder exactly what the devs are thinking.

3. Role Players

Not my bag at all, but I respect the choice of those who wish to indulge.
However, too many players seem to think they have a right to disrupt the way others choose to enjoy the game.
There are a couple of ways to approach this. One is to create some social areas that have a group kick function. a bit exploitable, but it would work most of the time.
The second is to rule the behaviour that disrupt Rpers legitimate activity as illegal ingame......and kick a few people to make the point.

The wasps may not like it, but thats the thing about wasps....they dont get to control the rolled up newspaper.