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Originally Posted by naz4 View Post
Thanks for the insight.

Based on you insight, can you share your thoughts on:

The aux 2 batt technician doffs interacting with the d'kora EMP burst (Drastically reduces cooldown on this ability)?
I think purple aux2batt technicians are probably a little too strong in general, but they've been in-game as-is for so long that touching them is high-risk. Technician procs should only be affecting Bridge Officer abilities as far as I'm aware, although this proc predates my tenure here so I could be wrong on that. I suspect though that any consoles affected by Technicians are a bug.

Grav pulse which can be buffed to 50+ seconds
It's kind of hard to say with STO, since our space combat is slower-paced than most MMO combat. As a general guideline for MMOs, CC shouldn't be longer than 8-10 seconds - it interrupts the player behavior core loop that I talked about earlier in the thread, causing frustration. In STO space combat, that duration can probably be safely doubled, but higher than 20 seconds seems silly. Grav pulse in particular, I think its scaling is too high and its base effectiveness may be too low.

As other people have asked, friend and foe, is Temporal Inversion Field working as intended? What is meant to be hard counters to it?
Need more information - what are you seeing, and how is it different from what you would expect?
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