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09-10-2013, 06:25 PM
Originally Posted by zeuxidemus001 View Post
Edit: To be as nice as I can I will just give the devs some helpful advice. Launch 2 waves of a hangar at a ship that has the ability to fire a torpedo and then get back to us on how great this system is
Quite right. Torp spread or high yield instakills pets now. Has anybody experimented with the elite frigate pets to see if they can get withstand getting hit by torp spreads in elite stf's?

TBh, the devs don't need to test anything. They knew full well what they were doing. The purpose of the new system is to nerf pets in pve and and pvp. Effectively, pets live less time and opponents can easily dispatch them with torps. The biggest mistake the devs made with the implementation was in assuming the system would work with the current commands. News flash: they don't. For all intents and purposes, the best way to recall pets under the old system was to respawn them. This was our only option because recall only sometimes works outside of battle. Did I mention outside of battle enough? Recall doesn't work in battle!!! So if your carrier has to hull butt out of a sticky situation, chances are that almost all of the stupid pets that remain behind die. Under the old system, no problem. Respawn them and you're fine. Under the new one, they lose all exp and you're left with pets that are much worse than the old ones until you level them up again. I guess the Devs forgot that the only working carrier command is attack. Fail.

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