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09-10-2013, 06:51 PM
Dont get me wrong, I dont sell my contraband or prisoners I use them for Dillithium earning DoFF missions for that extra Dilithium boost THEY added to the game. If i need money ill sell keys! As for an investment, anything you spend money on is an investment and if you check the books I have invested much into this game, that itself should be flattering to any business, I have been a loyal customer for years now! But think about it, why do people buy slavers to begin with, its not for the poor hull hp or single beam array for combat lol.

DRama: I used to earn 2 or 3 CBper daily run and id be like "yeay!..tomorrow I can start the assignment!" Now its like, wow...nothing...i shoul dhave bought the fighters with dps!"
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