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The Borg can adapt to your weapons in a few shots, to fight them, you must, MUST have a [Frequency Remodulator], which can be bought from your replicator for free and you must equip it on every bridge officer so they can remodulate as well. A different energy type (ex. Plasma, Phaser, Disruptor, etc.) can buy you some time before the Borg remodulate again. You can craft faster remodulators ([Fractal Remodulator]) from the Defera invasion zone. The STF sets (M.A.C.O., Adapted M.A.C.O., Omega Force, Klingon Honor Guard, Adapted K.H.G., etc.) give a set bonus when all 3 pieces are used, which is the ability to instantly remodulate your weapons, this has a 10 second cool down but is much faster than any other remodulator.
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