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This claim that the Romulans of the time were a pre-warp civilization is not canon and is more than just a little dubious. How did they get from Vulcan to ch'Rihan and attack Earth long before the events of "The Enterprise Incident" without warp capability? Not only does it not make sense, it's also illogical. There's quite a bit of commentary about this on the net (and, iirc, somewhere in the STO fora as well).
I do believe if you check the TOS references they ARE listed as non-warp. It was one of the things that limited the size of the RSE. As for how, well gee we can look at STO and see that "New Romulus" Is actually the "Old Romulus" which they left to make Romulus.. With wars and such its not hard to see technology sliding backwards. There are also the options of sleeper ships, or just time dilation from travelling at .9c on impulse drives. Unfortunately Star Trek, esp the farther back you go, alternates between no canon lore and lollore that contradicts itself with every new product.

a lot is also dependent on what one calls canon or accepts as canon. Some use X+Y others call Y non-canon

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Considering we are flying around in a TOS bird-of-prey, I fail to see how using a D7 is anymore demeaning. I would actually like to see the D7 as a C-store T1 ship. Make it have the stats of a Miranda, but the standard (non-battle) cloak of a KDF cruiser.
The TOS Bird is Romulan make the D-7 is Klingon but as I kinda ended up invalidating my original point on this in my earlier post I dropped it, hence the 'nevermind' since we have Rom-KDF flying modern KDF ships and C-Store ships why not a refit antique? At least itd give us some more options at lower levels.