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09-11-2013, 04:05 AM
This is my first Klingon toon. Love this story in general (it's the first time I've really "got" the Klingons, usually hate them - but now I see they're sort of a cross between Orcs, Samurai and Native Americans, and I understand what drives them better now).

But yeah, this bit got me the first time, had to drop and re-start. Then I kept an eye on the ship I'm supposed to keep alive, I think that's a key, because while the other Martoks won't follow you, your guy will (is it supposed to be Sirella's ship maybe?) Anyway, here's how I did it.

Win the first battle, then the other Martoks will move on to the first marked satellite on the right.

Don't go there, go with your guy to the unmarked satellite off to the left and deal with the mobs there (keeping an eye on your guy all the time, as soon as you notice him getting aggro, drop what you're doing and attack the mobs attacking him) and do the first freighter which is around there somewhere. So long as you keep the aggro off your guy, he adds to your dps a fair bit.

Once that "unmarked" satellite crowd of mobs is cleared, go back, with your intact guy, to the first marked satellite. The Martoks and Torgs are now having a big ding-dong there. Join in, beat that satellite, go on to the second satellite, beat that, then go back to the large complex in the middle, where the second freighter is docked, and begins to scoot as soon as you approach. Catch up to it by any means necessary.


I think what happens is if you don't get the mobs at the unmarked satellite off to the left early, they join in the battle at the first satellite quite quickly if you're there, making it confusing and hectic, and making it difficult to keep your guy alive and chase the first freighter at the same time.