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09-11-2013, 05:07 AM
Yea, i was thinking the same thing, its wierd though, i have that problem only on Cryptic/PWE games. Was thinking about changing my ISP, though basicaly all ISP's in my country that are available for my region preety much suck, they have low bandwith up to 4MB/s because there still isn't optical cables in my region, only in major city's.

Anyway, i noticed that my problem only happens while on ground, works fine while in space (i have tryed starbase 42 group event and i didn't get any hickups).


Been looking around net for cogentco issue with STO and it seems lots of people have huge spikes when tracert gets to cogentco, good to know its not problem on my end. They should realy look into fixing their infastructure if it gets cogged up for so many people. Also, might be a good idea for Cryptic or PWE to appeal to them to fix it

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