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09-11-2013, 09:00 AM
hello lordhavelock,

2 questions;

1) Why are the results of the calculations of the power settings in parentheses and some are not? Does it depend on the type of warp core, fleet or not? Is it only those calculations that excced 125 power in a setting ( I have seen some which pass 125 and are not in parentheses ).

2) I noticed that when I change the synergy tag under the warp core setting from W -- S to S -- W for example ( it happens to other combinations ), the donour energy amount is reduced. I read in STOwiki that the percentage of energy ( 7.5% ) that is sent from the donour power is not lost on the donour power, but is only a gain to the receiving power. Is there an error in the calculator or is there something that I have missed in the use of fleet warp cores?

thank you for your time and your generous nature,

yours truly,

Di'vad Retep