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09-11-2013, 08:32 AM
I would move "Hazard Emitters" being required up to the Romulan missions, knowing how much they love grabing you with a tractor beam at close range and then pleting you with thier rapid fire high yield plasma torpedos.

to our OP;

You should also pay attention to you skill points, and to your Bridge officers' (we like to cut it down to "Boff") skill points and rank.

Each time you get promoted in rank for the first four ranks, you unlock the abilty to promote your boffs. If you're 11, Leutantant Commander (FED/KDF)/Uhlan (Romulan Republic), then you can promote them from ensign to Lt. Your prefered away team should be leveled up with you, since they can acess their ground powers, even if they can't use all thier space powers. (IE, three of my prefered bridge crew is also on my away team, they're all commanders to allow me all thier skills).

Also, placing certain "Duty Officers" (AKA "Doffs") (AKA that thing that poped up in your face when you reached level 11. used to unlock at 7, but they way they added the Romulans forced a change in that) on active duty will augment your Boff's abilties. IE there are doffs that will cut down on the boff abilty cooldown timers, so you can use thier powers again sooner. (also, filling up the doff in questions skill points on that abilty also shortens the timer)
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