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Really great post Vox.

Well said, and I agree.

Originally Posted by poeddude View Post
More pvper supremacist rhetoric.

There are some elite pve-ers who test things as extensive as the best pvp-ers but they do it in the dominant environment of the game.

Just because we don't pvp doesn't mean we aren't as obsessed about every little bit of performance we can get out of our ships.

There is a difference.

This is coming from someone whos background in MMOs is one of the performance obsessed, PvE environment crushing, 40 to 80 man raid games, etc.

That's right, I'm a reformed PvEr.

When many objectively minded PvPers evaluate something, they ask if its balanced - because whatever it is, it can be used on them as well as their opponents.

PvE lacks this dynamic. PvErs only use their powers on their opponents.

It should be no surprise that the PvE forums focus on

A) Powers/ships/abilities they feel underperform.
B) NPCs that are too powerful/annoying.

It's exceedingly rare that they ever go into "X is too powerful" outside of players who only play 1 ship/captain type and have a grudge against other ships/captain types.

Generally they might say the opposite, the elite ones anyway, "Y content is too easy". They like their power, they want to keep it. They "earned" it, now they want to crush new, harder enemies with it.

Elite PvErs who test things are more conerned with crushing the hell out of PvE, finishing things in record times. More power to them, go for it and have fun.

They very rarely report those things, they'll share it amongst themselves, word spreads - and if a nerf hammer ever comes down its usually because it becomes such common knowledge even casuals are posting it or because the devs in their datamining see a pattern they think is out of line with their design goals.

Not for nothing, ask a dozen PvPers if Double Tap beam overload is overpowered and you will have a knock-down drag out forum war.

Ask a dozen PvErs and they will probably tell you beam overload sucks for DPS.

So there really is quite a difference.

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