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09-11-2013, 09:17 AM
Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
That's something that's oft overlooked in many of the PvP vs. PvE arguments...there are PvE folks that hate the state of PvE more than anybody else.

It's not so much a PvP vs. PvE's not even a case of Hardcore vs. Casual - what Cryptic's doing, although it may very well be what's keeping the game afloat and allowing further's gone well beyond Casual. Even average/casual gamers are wondering what's going on...Cryptic's gone that far with it and there's no end in sight.
I respect your opinon, I just don't think that the game is really that far gone. I don't think major overhauls or entire new concepts or additions to the game are necessary. All the pieces are in place, now they simply need to be rearranged to form a more solid foundation. Once the foundation is solid, the rest of it almost builds itself.

I understand that there will always be people who aren't happy with it, and it will never be perfect for every person. I also fully understand that a game 3+ years old is NEVER going to be completely overhauled without ruining itself.

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