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1) Why are the results of the calculations of the power settings in parentheses and some are not? Does it depend on the type of warp core, fleet or not? Is it only those calculations that excced 125 power in a setting ( I have seen some which pass 125 and are not in parentheses ).
Power levels are normally capped at 125. When your subsystem's power gets over the cap the Calc will display the number over 125 in parentheses, while still showing you the game display of 125. Warp cores increase the cap, so you can sometimes see more than 125 and not have parens, though you will see them if you go over 130 in those cases.

Example, if you had enough buffs to give you 128 Shield Power, you'd see the Calc display (128) 125 for your Shields. If you happened to have a Field Stabilizing Warp Core, you'd see 128. If you had that core and 135 Shields, you'd see (135) 130.

The cap is intended to be a Hard Cap, meaning any amount displayed in the parens is wasted, and you can use this knowledge to reduce your inputs in that subsystem and put it somewhere else.

That being said, there are reports on the forums that the cap is actually Soft, at least for some applications (like Weapons Power), and "overcapping" to access the power over 125 is actually beneficial.

Originally Posted by divadretep View Post
2) I noticed that when I change the synergy tag under the warp core setting from W -- S to S -- W for example ( it happens to other combinations ), the donour energy amount is reduced. I read in STOwiki that the percentage of energy ( 7.5% ) that is sent from the donour power is not lost on the donour power, but is only a gain to the receiving power. Is there an error in the calculator or is there something that I have missed in the use of fleet warp cores?
The STOwiki is correct, there is no lost power from the donor in a Synergy tag. I checked the Calc, I'm not seeing any loss of power when using Synergy tags, only a buff in the target subsystem as should be expected. Can you post a screenshot of what you're seeing, please?

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