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Originally Posted by capnshadow27 View Post
ST doesnt work like that, we have the shield bubble, now in the game its cut into indvidual sectors, Shields should be changed altogether so we have the traditional "bubble" dropping from 100% down. Cause really? perfect shields on 3 sides wiped out one one with an ineffective, slow and overall useless system to "reroute shield power".
They way I see it STO works like ST as far as shields go. How many times did we hear "aft shields are down"? I assume by that that the rest of the shield grid is still online otherwise we could hear "shields are down" and that happened a lot too.

Originally Posted by skullleaderrfbs View Post
When I see a Jem'Hadar Dreadnaught (which I have, but alas no OP bug ships, unfortunately), I ask with all the advanced firepower that a new Odyssey has, with all the engines powering the weapons why it cannot one shot the fighters. You cannot tell me these tiny fighters have the engines to power enough shields to protect them and still have enough power to damage and penetrate an Odyssey.
The biggest problem here is not the shields and the power they generate (a small warp core is suppose to power a small/medium city) but more on the attacking side. With all the computer power available in any starship, how can they still miss?

Originally Posted by skullleaderrfbs View Post
IF carriers were to be in the game, and unfortunately, they are, then the Federation should have whatever anyone else has. It?s pretty simple, whatever another company or country makes, others will copy. That does not mean the Klingon version cannot be superior, obviously the US has superior aircraft carriers now to anyone else, but the concept could be the same. Nothing wrong with a Federation skinned carrier with 2 pet slots. But hull, energy, whatever, could be weaker than the KDF to make the KDF superior.

Upgrade the bad guys. The Borg is supposed to be super adaptive. So, they should have more than 1 weapon firing. They shoot 1 weapon at the highest threat now, let the borg be updated so there shooting at all the fighters at once if the carrier is the main aggregate. They should have specific AI routine against carriers.

The way I see it, the "carriers" we have now in STO are not true carriers. Most hangar bays you can get is 2. The most pets you can get is 3 per hangar. Have you ever seen a carrier with just 6 crafts?

My suggestion (as seen on

Supercarrier (4 bays) => Vo'Quv Carrier, Tholian Recluse Carrier, Jem?Hadar Dreadnought Carrier
Fleet carriers (3 bays) => Corsair, Kar'Fi Battle Carrier, Marauder Flight-Deck Cruiser, Caitian Atrox Carrier
Light aircraft carrier (2 bays) => ?? Any new fed carrier ??
Escort carrier (1 bay) => Heavy Escort Carrier, Vesta, Scimitar

Fleet carrier has nothing to do with the fleet ships as we know them now so the name might need a bit of a tweak. Perhaps battle carrier?
These Supercarriers shouldn't be available to the feds unless its a lockbox ship.
Now the > 2 bays may sound/look excessive BUT the pets need to be adapted on the following points:
  1. Hits from almost anything other then a turret should be able to destroy a fighter/pet as skullleaderrfbs pointed out.
  2. More pets per hangar bay. Ex: 3 for the runabout slot. I'm taking the runabout as an example here because its the largest pet around. Other pets adjust accordinly to point 3.
  3. Realistic number of pets per slot. Reman scorpions are about a third of the size runabouts/delta flyers are (see
    Assuming all hangar bays are equally sized it would/should be a 3:1 ratio.
  4. Tractor spam should be looked at/prevented. I'm not willing to believe a single runabout can hold a starship. A group of 4-6 runabouts might be able to do so.
    Taking into account the changes in point 3, a group of 4 x 9 = 36 reman fighters might be able to break a starship. Or 12 runabouts might do the job too.
    Leaving out point 3 and the way it is now: 4 x 3 = 12 reman fighters should be able to crack your shields to maybe 25%.
  5. Overall skills from pets should be lower. Now it sometimes feels like you are fighting 5 starships instead of 1 + pets.
  6. Launch times should be cut down to compensate for the weaker pets and it would make sense to have 4 hangar bays and not be able to launch a full fleet (first squadron is shot down while the 3rd is still loading).

Other changes could include:
  1. Gravity well and other crowd control skills should have more impact on pets, this can compensate for the number of pets and makes science a needed tool in the Pv(P|E) toolbox.
  2. A new version of BFAW specific for dealing with pets. I'm thinking more hits, less damage and does not fire on starships.
  3. A minor tweaks to CSV so that accuracy vs pets is increased.

To the OP, your suggestion would make it a light aircraft carrier filling the blank. Although I'm not sure I like the tac heavy layout.