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09-11-2013, 11:18 AM
Originally Posted by pwstolemyname View Post
Science powers were fantastic once upon a time. These days not so much sadly. etc (what a long post! )
Mostly agree (though I can't speak for the PVP stuff), but do have to disagree on Tractor and TBR in PVE. Not like 'oh you're wrong you sux!' so much as overlooked points.

Tractor beam, even just one, makes a wonderful toy for so many PVE thing. On a cloaked ship, you can pick your area of attack, decloak and hold your target there, and since there's no dodging you can flatten them as easily as a tac before moving on to engaging the rest of the group. Its good to have against those obnoxious EPTE enemies since it slows them down considerably. It never misses, so it can be used for popping borg high-yield torps. It can lock a target next to his exploding friend. It can slow down a boss' turn-in-place rate to make it easier to focus on a single facing or keep their big weapons pointed in the wrong direction. I could go on and on and on. Just so many uses for an ensign-level power with a mere 30 second cooldown, if I'm on a ship with 5 or more sci slots, Tractor WILL be in there somewhere. Its too useful to pass up.

Second on TBR, you didn't mention how much you can screw up your teammates if you use it badly in PVE. Someone loads up their alpha on Donatra and you send her flying 10km away, or a team is lining up their CSVs on a Raptor wave in CSE but you scatter the nicely-clustered targets to the four winds, your teammates are NOT going to be happy with you. That said it still has some fun tricks, like how big unthrowable bosses (CE, Cubes) just float there as you pour on the direct-to-hull damage for the full duration. Its a good power, just that if youre trigger-happy with it you'll cause as many headaches as you solve.