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09-11-2013, 12:34 PM
Key problem with the game is that every time they decide something is too powerful, instead of balancing it, they just break it.

Tricobalt mines too good? Nerfed to uselessness.
Mine spam rampant? 12 second shared cooldown = nerfed to uselessness.
Double stacking BO too good? Made impossible.

Every time they stop something from working at all because they can't be bothered to balance it properly they push us all closer and closer to all cannon/turret escorts because it is the only thing that still really works.

And even that has only avoided the crushing nerf-hammer because Stahl is scared of the outcry they would receive if they actually implemented a change to bring cannons into line.

This is partially why the game is in such a sorry state. This and unprofessional crap like revamping the skill tree and leaving a whole class that gets none of their captain abilities boosted by anything. Or ignorance about balance like thinking singularity cores are worth -40 power.